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We are proud to host a number of formal and informal gatherings throughout the year. As a member of the Lodge you would be invited to all such occasions. However, even if you are not a member there are a number of opportunities for you to attend. Below is a brief description of just a few such events.


Members and visiting Brethren only

The Lodge holds four regular meetings each year, and these fulfil the primary purpose of the Lodge, where Lodge business is conducted and our masonic activities are practised. These meetings are only open to Lodge members and visiting masonic Brethren. New members are also admitted into the Lodge during these meetings.


Freemasons, guests and prospective members

Following any regular meeting we dine in the Salle, the upper room in the newly renamed ‘Terry Walsh Pavilion’. Whilst dining is usually restricted to members, at one meeting every year we host a dinner called a ‘White Table’ which is a Festive Board to which non-masons may be invited. We have often been honoured to have The Master of the College and other distinguished guests attend these dinners, whom we are delighted to welcome each year. This is also a great opportunity for OAs who are considering to join the Lodge to get a chance to meet us before officially submitting an application to join. If you would like to attend our next White Table dinner, to be held on Friday 4th October 2024, then please contact our Secretary and he will be please to arrange this.


Freemasons, family, guests and prospective members

This informal event is always well attended and a fond favourite of Lodge members. The BBQ is kindly hosted by one of our members and a superb selection of food is on offer - sometimes with a chance for a game of croquet! It is an excellent opportunity for us to socialise with other members and also attend with our partners, friends and family to enjoy a most enjoyable day at the mercy of the Great British weather. Members with young families are also welcome to bring their children along to this event.


Members and family

As a public schools Lodge, the OA Lodge is also 1 of 35 members of the Public School Lodges’ Council (PSLC). This masonic association provides an important link between other public school Lodges such as Bedford, St. Pauls, Tonbridge and Wellington to name but a few. This common association allows Lodge members to visit other school Lodges and indeed other schools in the course of their masonic activities.


The PSLC festival is a unique annual event held in the summer hosted by 1 of the PSLC Lodges at their school. It is a great opportunity to invite our partners and loved ones to join us during a day of both masonic and non-masonic events and activities encouraging engagement between the schools. The OA Lodge are honoured to be hosting the 2032 festival, exactly 100 years after we first hosted the festival at the school. We most certainly hope you will put this date in your diary.


Members of the Old Alleynian Association (formally the Alleyn club)

Whilst you are no doubt already aware of this event through your communications with the Old Alleynian Association, the Lodge often has its own table or two a this event. The support we have received and continue to receive from the Old Alleynian Association is of great support to us. We actively encourage all members to likewise support the Association in not only this event but all the events which the Association host.


Event specific

If you join the Old Alleynian Lodge then you have not only joined a fraternity of 40 members but you have also joined a fraternity of over 200,000 members throughout England and Wales. As a result the amount of local and national masonic activities is extensive and you will have no end of opportunity to meet with other likeminded individuals with whom you share an interest.

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