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Regaining your connection with the College

We currently have a membership of over 40 and would be delighted to invite new applications for membership of the Lodge. If you are not currently a mason then you will join the lodge as an ‘initiate’. Alternatively, if you are already a mason then you will become a joining member of the Lodge. Both are equally as welcome.


The Old Alleynian Lodge is open to all Old Alleynians and past and present male teaching staff. The minimum age for membership is 18 years old. Whilst there is no requirement to be a member of any particular religion, all members are required to have a belief in a supreme being, in whichever form that manifests.


Opportunities for women to join Freemasonry are plentiful and more information is available at and


Annual subscriptions to the Lodge are currently £130 per annum. There is also a one-time joining fee of £134 (as of 2024) (discounted for under-25s) when you first become a member.


Following each regular meeting we are privileged to formally dine in the Terry Walsh Pavilion, which is a truly superb occasion for both members and visitors alike. The cost for the dinner is currently £70 per head (as of February 2024). This cost also includes all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


At regular meetings we wear a dark suit and old school tie (not to be confused with the Old Alleynian Association tie). If you are somewhat familiar with masonry then you will also be aware that regalia is synonymous with masonry and we wear our regalia at all our regular meetings. Initially you will not be expected to purchase any regalia as this will be provided by the Lodge.


The Old Alleynian Association has kindly provided us with a grant for a 'Young Members Scheme'.  The Scheme funds half the Lodge annual subscription for new under-30 members in their first year. Therefore, on joining the Lodge those aged 18-24 will pay £137 for their joining fee and first year's annual subscription, and those aged 25-29 will pay £199. Subsequent annual subscriptions are charged at £97 for 18-24 and the standard rate of £130 for 25 and over.


Additionally, on becoming a Master Mason, any under-30 member is presented with a "Masonic graduation pack" consisting of a pair of white gloves, a Master Mason's apron and a masonic ritual book (worth over £60).


We hold 4 regular meetings per year when you will be asked to attend. The meetings are held in the Old Library at the College and usually start at 5pm, dining is usually concluded by 9.30pm. All other events and activities are optional and hence no firm commitment is required but of course it is encouraged to ensure you benefit from masonry as much as possible.

Our regular meetings are held on the first Friday in April, October and December, and on the last Wednesday in May.

In addition to our regular meetings we often hold a number of optional weekly rehearsals prior to the regular meeting. These are again held at the College on weekday evenings, after which we usually retire to a local hostelry for a brief but enjoyable drink.


If you are considering joining the Old Alleynian Lodge then we would first recommend exploring the remainder of this website and also the United Grand Lodge of England website, a link for which can be found on our 'Links' page.

Following this if you think Freemasonry maybe of interest to you then please do fill out our contact form and our Lodge membership officer will be in contact with you to talk you through the joining process. 

The joining process will usually involve the submission of an application to the Lodge and an informal interview with a number of the Lodge members. This is an opportunity for you to meet some of the members and ask them any questions you may have but it is also an opportunity for the members to get to meet you. Following the interview the members will make a recommendation to the lodge and if approved then your application will be accepted and you will receive a date when you can join the lodge which will be at one of our regular meetings.

If you do have any further questions then please do contact us and we would be delighted to answer any queries you may have.


If you are already at university or will shortly be leaving the College to attend university either within London or further afield then you have a few options to join Freemasonry. Whilst we would be delighted to have you join us as a member, it maybe the case that logistically this would make attending meetings prohibitively difficult. In this case the UGLE run the Universities Scheme to assist and introduce you to a masonic Lodge local to your university. 


The scheme has been incredibly successful since its inception in 2005 and has gone from strength to strength. Indeed we have some members who joined masonry through the Universities Scheme and on their return to London naturally became joining members of the Old Alleynian Lodge. For more information please follow the link below.


Whether you have joined masonry through the Universities Scheme or through more traditional methods then the Old Alleynian Lodge would be delighted to welcome eligible candidates to join the Lodge as a joining member.


We like to think that any Old Alleynians who are masons are already members of the Old Alleynian Lodge, but the extensive nature of masonry may indeed mean there are some who are not. Needless to say we warmly welcome any brethren who are eligible to join to contact our secretary and become a member of the Old Alleynian Lodge.

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The Old Library

The location of all our regular lodge meetings

The old library at Dulwich College
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The Past Master's Jewel

Awarded to past masters of the Lodge

Past masters jewel
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